Posted on 3 March 2015

Your guest has spilled their drink onto your carpet or sofa, so what do you do?

Unfortunately there are usually two very common reactions to this type of incident…

1) Your desire to save the feelings of your guest come into play and you do your utmost to ignore the spillage until after they have gone.

2) You panic and grab all manner of chemical solutions from under the kitchen sink in an attempt to quickly eradicate the stain.

Not surprisingly, neither ignoring the issue nor attempting to remove the stain in a panic is right thing to do.


1) A spillage is more likely to be successfully removed if you tackle it straight away, so ignoring it for any amount of time could result in a permanent stain.

2) A panic attempt at removal could be seriously detrimental to your soft furnishings. Grabbing the first piece of cloth and cleaning solution that comes to hand and vigorously rubbing the offending area could succeed in, not only spreading the spillage, but actually damaging your soft furnishings.

So, what SHOULD you do if a spillage occurs?

Accidents will happen. If something gets spilled on your carpet or upholstery, DON’T panic. However, DO take prompt action to prevent staining. We recommend you follow the NCCA ‘Emergency Tips for Spills and Stains’ at:

It is then advised to acquire professional assistance from an NCCA member such as ourselves, who will remove any residual staining to ensure that re-soiling does not occur.